Gluten-free Greggs: Are the bakery’s new soups safe for coeliacs?

Gluten-free Greggs: Are the bakery’s new soups safe for coeliacs?

There’s been a lot of excitement surrounding the gluten-free Greggs range. But there’s also been a lot of anti-climaxes. The first being that the chain WASN’T DOING GLUTEN-FREE PASTIES. Lord, what I’d give for a Festive Bake. Anyway, the bakery launched a gluten-free porridge, which turned out to be unsafe for coeliacs. So I’d kind of given up hope of any fruitful gluten-free products being brought to the high street where Greggs was concerned.

One thing I wasn’t expecting was a huge ‘GLUTEN FREE’ sign on the front of my local Greggs. For not one, but TWO soups. Cream of Tomato and Thai Chicken!

Gluten-free Greggs: the safety check

The first thing I did was tweet them to make sure it was safe, to which the bakery replied:

Bit of a half-assed answer? I still can’t decide whether to risk it. On Greggs website, it states that all products marked gluten-free comply with legal limits for gluten content, by following stringent controls in manufacturing and shop operations. The statement ‘gluten-free’ can only be made where food contains no more than 20mg/kg of gluten.

The reply from Greggs on Twitter also reiterated what was on the website: gluten-free products are manufactured using recipes which are free from gluten, with strict gluten controls and testing regimes in place during manufacturing. The site also says that shop teams go through ‘gluten training’. The company put gluten controls and a testing regime in place to manage cross contamination within the bakeries. Sounds pretty thorough?

I’ve written to Coeliac UK to see if these are safe for us to eat – I just want it confirming before I give them a go. If so, it’ll be a brilliant cheap gluten-free lunch option to have – especially if you’re in a city with limited options… there’s always a Greggs!

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  • Gluten free brownies aren’t Gluten free either. Allergy advice on the back says made in area of cereals containing Gluten. My mum who is coeliac for ill for days. I have contacted them, but they shouldn’t list something Gluten free when it’s not

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